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Experience streamlined data reporting with BI Portal powered by CWARE. Tackle the challenges of sharing PowerBI dashboards head-on. No longer fret over the complexities of costly licenses or the limitations of domain sharing. Our solution? Your very own PowerBI portal, crafted to simplify collaboration both within and beyond your organization.

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Why BI Portal is a Game-Changer for Your Business

Let's begin by understanding what sets our BI (Business Intelligence) Portal apart and why it's indispensable for your business.

Our BI Portal serves as a centralized hub for efficient organization and sharing of vital business information. It simplifies tasks like report creation, customization, and distribution, saving time and effort. With our BI Portal, businesses can consolidate all their data into one accessible location, promoting teamwork and alignment within the organization.

Additionally, our cost-effective solutions eliminate the need for expensive licenses, and customizable branding options ensure alignment with your company's identity. Decision-makers can access precise data swiftly, enabling well-informed choices, while the portal evolves alongside your business. In summary, investing in our BI Portal enhances efficiency, and accessibility, and yields significant cost savings, making it invaluable for data-driven decision-making and business success.

No Power BI Pro licenses for end-users

End-users can effortlessly access reports without needing a Power BI or any Microsoft license. A Power BI Pro license is exclusively necessary for report creation and publishing, streamlining accessibility and ensuring cost-effective utilization.

Share BI Portal reports with anyone, anywhere

Securely provide access to internal users and external clients, regardless of their location. No need for clients or users to install BI Portal, ensuring hassle-free and secure report sharing.

Business-focused data solution

White label option available

Benefit from an enhanced user experience and a more secure and efficient environment to extract the maximum potential from data by sharing BI Portal Report content within a custom-branded experience.

Seamlessly share BI Portal reports anyone, anywhere

Customize Your Portal Experience

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With our BI Portal's comprehensive data analysis tools, you can explore your data deeply, revealing invaluable insights that shape strategic decisions and propel business achievements.

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Using the BI Portal significantly reduced our monthly bill. It is easy to deploy your existing reports and start sharing reports with your customers.

- AstuteTech


At Crossroads, we saw the BI Portal as a strategic advantage where we could leverage an existing product, branded to meet our image and to provide our internal and external customers with accurate BI information. The continued development of the BI Portal allows us to leverage new advancements without excessive development costs.

- Crossroads